AT&T's Summer Break Campaign

BBDO, AT&T  and the Chernin group are working on an interesting digital campaign dubbed The Summer Break. This campaign is notable because of how well they've nailed speaking in voice on their Tumblr, Twitter and Instagram. These days its common for brands to simply take a print campaign, crop the images for whatever digital platform they're trying to populate and call it a day. The images in these campaigns are remarkable because they are true to the platforms that they live on.

The content on the Tumblr page, for instance, is a blend of original photography and graphic design (I'm guessing this was made by creatives at BBDO), regrams of other Tumblr content, and content created by the shows protaganists. All of the work blends seamlessly on the Tumblr page, and surely it will appear quite natural on your typical Tumblr users dashboard.

While I found the package to be less successful in the "unscripted mobile series" that it all drives too, this campaign does represent an exceptional step forward in terms of still images matching their social media platforms. As things heat up with sites like Tumblr and Instagram as advertising platforms, we should expect to see the most forward thinking brands and ad agencies producing a lot more work up this alley.