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I’m always on the lookout for examples of brands who are doing a great job of publishing images in social media and on digital platforms, and I certainly feel like I’ve found a variety of examples (some of which I’ve already written about in this blog). One item that I’m at usually at a loss for, though, are examples of brands who are setting high standards for great design and presentation of images.

Of course on social media, there are pretty tight boundaries to how images are presented (though JWT Canada did have an interesting approach for this Mazda campaign). But what I’m talking about in this case is great design on a brands own websites.

Screen Shot 2014-04-26 at 3.32.39 PM

Yes, I’m a photographer, so perhaps I’m more of a sucker than most for beautiful, well displayed photography. However, when my friend, Jake Lodwick, launched, (created by  Luke Beard and Kyle Bragger) it really made me think that this is a sort of design approach that brands—particularly those in fashion or other style related areas—should really be looking at.

I started thinking about this more when my friend Tanveer Badal sent along the series that he posted from Everest Base Camp. I quickly took a spin through the Staff Picks, and it wasn’t hard to find some other excellent examples of how great, minimalist design can interact with pictures in a way that we seldom see brands take advantage of.

I’m not an expert in the process that most brands follow to build websites, but from my understanding, the typical approach is to start with a wireframe of the site long before any content has been introduced. I suspect that this might be part of the problem. Imagine an art director trying to sell a client on a screen design consisting of a bunch of simple large boxes representing full bleed horizontal images. Part of the solution might be a re-think on the start-to-finish process of making a website.

I think there’s an opportunity here. Pairing great photography with minimal, yet well thought out design shouldn't seem like a novel idea.... Yet it's surprisingly rare (in my opinion) to see a brand doing this. Brands looking to stand out with their work, or agencies looking to offer something unique could definitely take some inspiration from