Instagram for Business

Instagram is curating an excellent Tumblr (the irony I know!) highlighting businesses who are doing a standout job using the platform. While there is currently no paid advertising on Instagram, brands are already on it creating their own content. The future of paid advertising on Instagram is unclear. Founder Kevin Systrom just spoke at London Fashion week, and when asked about advertising plans he had very little to reveal.

It's smart for social media platforms to be concerned not only in having paying advertisers, but also for those advertisers to be creating great content. It's a way to ensure that brands will see a good return on investment, and that the audience will continue to be engaged with the platform. Whatever may lie ahead, Instagram has created a sort of primer for businesses on how to do the platform properly.

As it is, the site is a great resource for agencies and brands looking for inspiration, examples of great content, and unique ways that brands are using the platform. This is definitely a feed that anyone interested in the future of social media and pictures should keep an eye on.

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