Original Photography for a Geo-Targeted App

Earlier this year I traveled to 17 cities across the East coast to make images for Chase's app. We shot a series of images in each city that are now being used in a rotation on Chase's iPhone and Android apps. Users sees an image based on where the app is accessed from. The goal behind every image was to shoot a picture that would be instantly recognizable to someone who lived in that city, while avoiding shooting in cliche or tourist spots.

I'm posting this here, not just because it's a series of work that I'm proud of, but also because I think the strategy here could be the seeds of inspiration for other digital campaigns.

As the nations largest bank, there are plenty of advantages to banking with Chase. Looking for an ATM in Tuscaloosa? Chase has you covered. But at the same time, any national corporation of this size has to make special efforts if it wants to appeal as a local option in any particular area. I've found the homescreen images to send the message that Chase is dedicated to serving and being a part of a local community. It's subtle, but Chase starts feeling more like my hometown bank when I see these images.

Chase isn't the only one stepping up their game in terms of geo-targeting. Within the last few months Apple introduced iOS 8, with the ability to send notifications to a phones lock screen based on your location. Walk into a train station, and you could find a link on your lock screen to an app that will allow you to purchase a ticket on your phone.  In a similar vein Facebook has also announced local awareness ads that similarly take advantage of a users location.

As far as I can tell, Chase is the first company that has invested in creating original photography to be used as part of a location-aware campaign on a national scale. However, I think this area is full of opportunity for brands and agencies, and I'll be excited to see what kind of tailored content other brands create in the near future to be used in location aware marketing.

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