Small Teams Making Great Content

For those brands and agencies who feel that they're tasked with making a lot with a little, I thought it would be worth sharing a look at some of my favorite blogs/social campaigns that are run by just one or two people. The work below, in my opinion, is compelling and original on it's own.... But what makes it even more impressive is that it's curated or created by just one or two people. Some of them are even side projects of sorts. Next time you think the digital advertising campaign you're working on doesn't have enough money or resources to make great work, take a look at these sites to get some perspective on what's possible.


Nick Onken

I've followed Nick's blog for quite some time, and I've watched as it grew from focussing on the business of photography into a full on lifestyle media site. Nick records his own podcasts, writes commentary and shoots original content... And he does all of this while working as a busy full time commercial photographer.


Ariele Alasko

Ariel Alasko is a furniture builder and woodworker based in Brooklyn. Her website is very well done, but the real standout is her Instagram account, which is approaching a quarter million followers. She announces sales of items like carved spoons and bowls on her Instagram, and the premium priced products invariably sell out very quickly. 


The Glamourai

I've been following this blog ever since running into stylist Kelly Framel at fashion week a few years ago. At first glance, you might think that The Glamourai is supported by a giant publishing team. On a regular basis they roll out original fashion editorials whose production value and art direction rival anything you'd see in a major fashion publication. Take a closer look, though, and you'll see that the site is entirely written by Kelly, with her sister serving as the market editor and production manager. 


The Glow

I was fortunate to have the chance to work with Kelly Stuart when she hired me to to photograph fashion week for Elle a couple years ago. While working as a full time photo director at Hearst (which, as you can imagine, isn't one of those phone-it-in kind of jobs), she also found the time and resources to put together The Glow. The entire site (and now book) is produced by her and editor Violet Gaynor.

People in the advertising world have a tendency to look to what other brands and agencies are doing for inspiration. However, with digital publishing allowing individuals to put out great content that others are actually consuming, it can be super useful to look at content being made by people outside the ad world.

These are a few sites that I really admire for being able to make so much from relatively limited resources. If anyone else has suggestions on individuals or small teams making great digital work, I'd love to hear about it!