Tumblr does a 180 on it's stance towards advertisers.

"You guys are more talented than anyone in the Tumblr office or in Palo Alto or Sunnyvale"


At Cannes, David Karp did some massive backpedaling on the tune he was singing to advertisers. Just a couple years ago he was telling people that the thought of advertising on Tumblr "turned our stomachs".

Surely Karp will catch some flack from his colleagues on the way he presented this. Putting that aside, this is great news for people interested in still photography and advertising. Photographers producing work at a higher volume but lower production value than traditional advertising is a great match for Tumblr (take JCrew for example). AdAge reported that Karp and crew were ferrying ad execs to private sales meetings in St. Tropez. Here's hoping that something clicked and we start seeing more great work produced for the platform.

Check out the whole article on AdAge (tiered subscription)