The Value of Original Content

I recently had a great chat with the folks at Percolate. They offer a unique product. In a nutshell, it's an all-in-one platform that streamlines content production for social media. We both work with clients with similar goals, so I was genuinely interested to learn more about what they do and how their system might be used to improve what we're currently doing. I got the full rundown on how their system works, but naturally what interested me most is how their platform works with still photography. I discovered that customers with Percolate have streamlined access to a broad library of images via 1) Getty and other extensive royalty free libraries, 2) an iPhone app that allows anyone in the organization to take photos on their phone and acquire a signed model release and 3) a pretty slick system to request and acquire releases for found amateur images on social media platforms.

From there, the platform has a built in system to retouch, crop, add Instagram style filters, logos and copy.


While my initial interest in Percolate was trying to see how we might integrate their system into an ad agency, I walked away from the conversation realizing that Percolate is a platform that is really well poised to replace ad agencies.

A forward looking agency looking to win more social business is well served to keep a close eye out on solutions like this. Agencies have to ask themselves: what is our unique selling proposition? From a photography perspective, if you're relying on using stock or found imagery, can you really demonstrate the value you're bringing to the table? For agencies who aren't focusing on creating original content, a solution like Percolate could start to look like a very viable alternative.