Brooks upstate social shoot April 20, 2016

Contact information for talent/agency/crew  

notes for runners

Please arrive wearing the base layers provided by Brooks, as well as your own outer layers appropriate for the weather.

You will be able to store a bag or any other personal items you bring with you while we are shooting in the van.

We will have snacks when you arrive at Bear Mountain, and will also be providing lunch but we won't have a full breakfast.

If you have any running gear—like headphones, a wearable or even race medals you’re really proud of—we’d love for you to bring them for potential use!

We won't have a hair or makeup stylist, and we want to keep you guys looking as authentic/real looking as possible. Girls, please come with either a clean face, or if you prefer light powder/makeup with a natural look. Keep in mind that we do expect to get you moving and sweating a bit. Please bring any hair accessories that you would normally use for a run.


  • 7:15 AM Zack picks up van at Edge
  • 8:00 AM Van picks up Cecil and runners at Union Ave and Metropolitan Ave (closest subway stops Lorimer L and Union Metropolitan G). We should have an exact list of runners who will be in the van so we are sure we're not missing anyone.


  • 10:45 first runners ready and first pictures being made

Mondays location list TBD based on location scout on Friday

  • 1:00: Lunch. Options: Foodies 121 Firefighters Mem Dr OR Baisley’s Deli 800 Hudson Ave, Peekskill
  • Depart time 5:00 PM
  • Van ETA return to BK 7:00. Drop off at same location as pickup