Bogart Street

link to location scout

This is the only Bushwick artwork that we can guarantee can be licensed. As luck would have it, this feels like a great match for the bright colorful mood that we discussed. I would propose this as a key location for the shoot.

It is mostly west facing, so will have direct sunlight on it in the afternoon. I think this location is best shot at that time of day.

Screen Shot 2016-12-26 at 10.36.03 AM.jpg

Boggart and Grattan Street

link to location scout

Additional pops of color here, and could be a useful potential location for a variety of locations.

I'm not sure how a wall like this would be viewed from an IP point of view (IE are there licensing issues here?)

We could tend to shoot this location tighter in/with a lens angles that throws lens out of focus, etc.

The wall is north facing and will never receive direct sunlight on our shoot day.

If vehicle is parked on Grattan, there could also be options of shooting across Boggart towards swallow cafe, which I think gives some additional options. (see final picture below)

On it's own merit, this is generally a B- option in my opinion, but proximity to the above wall is certainly very helpful.

Also, I think shooting on Boggart after sunset could definitely have some potential. The lights on the buildings behind definitely help to bring some life to the area (whereas many of the other Bushwick options are fairly dark)

Screen Shot 2016-12-26 at 11.07.30 AM.jpg

Troutman and Wyckoff

link to location scout

If we were able to get Sea Wolf restaurant as a location, there could be the option so shoot some interesting options from inside the restaurant, or seeing our talent on the patio. That would also allow us to take Christmas decorations down. Logistics/budget for using Sea Wolf as a location may be difficult though.

It's not an ideal option in case we don't have a relationship with the restaurant due to the Christmas decorations.

Screen Shot 2016-12-26 at 10.58.44 AM.jpg

Additional Thoughts


House of Yes would be amazing (and certainly lend some real legit BK cred), but I would hate to burn to much time shooting there if we couldn't be certain that we could license artwork.

Similarly, Heavy Woods Bar (at Wyckoff and Willoughby ) is nice, and could offer some interesting options for talent to be sitting at tables, etc. but I think would really be best to have artwork licensing and permission to shoot at their tables locked down before the shoot.